Fury I player, Max Curle has entered his name into the Team GB Maxibasketball age group tryouts. The tryouts are in preparation for the European and World Maxibasketball Championships. The training weekends will eventually be narrowed down to a principle squad ready to represent Team GB! Max had submitted his interest to tryout for the upcoming European and World championship team selection back in the Autumn of 2020, however Covid-19 restrictions meant that the first weekend for tryouts was in April ’21.

Maxibasketball enables former players from national league to professional level to return to elite competition against age group peers on a European and World stage. The Team GB Maxibasketball programme was created in 2018 and has now recently partnered with Basketball England to be officially endorsed as part of the England Talent Programme (ETP). Maxibasketball is played in age group categories from 35+, 40+ and upward.

Many eligible players were still not in attendance due to local restrictions, nevertheless over 60 players in all age groups descended on Sheffield for the trials. The coaching staff was lead by Kent Crusaders Chairman and Coach, Jesse Sazant. Max admits it was a tough weekend of high-level basketball with some good players in attendance, but he felt like he played well and is looking forward to the next training weekend in June, where he hope to cement a position in the team!

Photo Credit – Kevin Howarth

Head over to Max’s website to read his in-depth blog on his TeamGB Maxibasketball experience – https://maxcurle.co.uk/2021/05/04/team-gb-maxibasketball/

The Club wish Max the best of luck with his next training camp in June! 

Team GB Maxibasketball Official Site – https://www.gbmaxibasketball.co.uk/

Max Curle Official Site – https://maxcurle.co.uk/

Header Photo Credit: Rafe Abrook Photography

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